Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I do it to see that face

About to fight the system that leads to my defeat

wish me luck

hope I don't lose miserably

I didn't know I was afraid of thunder storms

it's the sound that come after the strike that scares me

she's raising nostrils and bending bottle caps with her teeth

hope I don't lose miserably

she's mad

when my options are blue and yellow I will surely pick red

I really like blue sometimes

I know I'm in trouble when she raises one eyebrow

I'm gonna get slapped again

thats how I know she loves me

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


3 minutes past and she still can't sleep,


updating memories caught in the seemingly wild nots of her consciousness

who is she to put her self out of her misery

is it impossible to be in control

and to think one has too much

we are nobodies who build bridges, cars, and sky scrappers

but something so simple as sleep is hard to grasp.

is tangibility what makes one successful?

to touch the tools that build?

to touch the mind and make it stop for 6 or 7

because when you body gives your mind still wants to build

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

werido smile!

you look sleepy

what form will you take next?

will in end in "y" and sound like "e"

thats funny

yet you don't smile

so I can assume that my efforts of changing your mood are lacking

thats unfortunate

to be soo stuck that it takes three

we all know that two is the magic number

so smile before this gets weird


what is beauty if it can't be obtained

a flower so sweet but to far to smell

like a girl with out interest,

who am I to her

she lives in my mind, not trapped

free to leave when she wants

me, hoping she stays

so I don't forget

so I close my eyes so I can see her

I close my eyes so I can think

thoughts of her are effortless

things that are day to day seem jumbled

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


my eyes adjust, and my throat is dry

both parched,

transitioning from Oases to reality, I awake to this desert

a home without happiness,

and a job thats out to kill,

yet I work at both

to be here, in this room I cough

I cough so that I may breathe

the trade is not fair

to go from shapeless water to cup full of sand

to be here, so far from my dreams

life goes round circle

I will dream again these happy thoughts

but until then I will drink this water

Oases make trade possible