Tuesday, February 15, 2011


expression begins with the largest division of the country

The next element to address is the location



and paste

graffiti expressions

people will offer,

but not understand

cross streets,

updating visual landmarks

link me,

send it,

send it again

making the system extremely confusing

movement is the expression

graffiti expressions

The graffiti left aboard

The current addressing system was established

left behind



delete again

Who could’ve known

anyone at all besides us?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Futuristic, maybe

No wait the milks all gone

3 in a quarter,

Seventy-five away from scoring

You're Hired... Maybe

There is a long tradition

Another type of mask mistakenly arrested

It is never a let down and I always anticipate the treat

You might catch a glance or two

Almost at a hundred,

Decisions decisions

She wants me but I’m still unsure

Friday, February 4, 2011


The ice cream is fantastic

Jump in, the water's fine

after decades of flapping in the breeze virtually unnoticed

between the lines, my life is much domestic and varied

and you know what I learned?

Bald is beautiful

isn't it just another issue for us?

to move on the sweet deal from working assets

hurry it's melting!

whether it's the expansive release that comes with warm weather

or the easing of our financial pressure,

we're breathing more deeply

and laughing more freely

Empty Headed

Watching those who watch us with similar thoughts
The mind, limitless, absorbent
Breaking the border of reality
Thoughts are the ingredient to the chaos of some baked good
Baked as in ready,
Ready as in planned
The plan, never simple, or as rudimentary
Equal to the idea
The bread to the better


Music is the golden rule
The strokes are so fluid, makes me think
Colors feel warm, Dj flows strong,
A tangle of mixes, sampling songs,
The music feels rugged, the media is mixed
The carnival of color moves me
Application is impulsive, sort of complex
The entirety of the image feels simple, not over done
"is Hip-hop dead"
Bobbing to the beats that are not heard by this picture
an image of clarity
relating to the artist with his Hip-hop scriptures
Music is the golden rule


Rough, cracked, stained with emotion
Probably gentle by touch
Hair falls from the head that he cuts
New york is the apple in a bowl of fruit
another clean cut,
Fresh, like the streets of New York,
another customer done
It's all in the wrist I suppose