Tuesday, April 12, 2011


let remind you I am not tree hugger

I come to bring the peace, not managed or care free

free alone in one domesticated me

I come to bring the turmoil

turmoil that may causes you and I to split

one broken in patches, the other in neutral satisfaction

I bring you me, the bear, the bull, the idiot

I hope you are ready for another evening of fighting

superfluous in act but needed in desire

I come to bring you this paper

carved from trees and surgically uprooted from the soil,

a pencil that I used to write this message

rooted from that same tree

a message so close to the soil it's flowers are dream catches

can you see it?

can you feel it within your hands of judgement

let me remind you not to judge this intangible seed to make up for the paper and pencil

let me remind you I'm not tree hugger

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