Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Obnoxious Flavor

my pen wishes it was so deep it could write 3-dimensional wholes on 2-d paper without taring

conceded is not the word because is comes so casually,

so rarely a light that grows in it's biggest obnoxious flavor

however, I come to write you this paper

this poem that is different

let me start

I come to bring you me

sweet by every sugar cane

delectable by every pie that grandma ever made

as good as her best meal she ever baked,

I bring you me

me, bitter by assumption and brown by accusation

this is my color

chocolate, brown, vanilla wafer, candy cane that sounds like the best girl I ever could remember

or to even utter her name by which I don't remember


she was awesome

I'm guessing in this forgettable way

and to continue

I forget

the parties, the invitations to get-together, that some how gather people I don't remember

I come to bring you this piece of me that is peace,

not managed or care free

free alone in one domesticated me

and to continue

my jokes are terrible

the sounds of my humor evokes laughter in the wrong way

did I mention that I am sometimes terrible

I bring the turmoil

turmoil so diabolical that it may cause you and I to split

one broken in patches, the other in neutral satisfaction

I bring you me, the bear, the bull, the idiot

I hope you are ready for an evening of fighting

superfluous in act but needed in desire

I hope we can find friendship in this new relationship that is this conversation on paper

this poem, carved from trees and surgically uprooted from the soil,

a pencil, rooted from that same tree

a message so close to the soil it's flowers are dream catches

can you see it?

can you feel it ?

do not judge this intangible seed to make up for the paper and pencil

I hope we can be friends

enough about me what about you?

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